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Asean’s biggest, most inclusive & forward thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, disruptors of its kind - addressing "Food and Drink Industry Tomorrow Innovation Driven, Digitally Empowered"



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Draft Agenda - Day 01 as of May 18 (Singapore Time) 

09:10- 09:30 | Keynote: The Art and Science of Data
Speaker:Siddharth Pathak, Partner and Asia-Pacific Head of Consumer Industries at Kearney
Abstract:Business today are flooded with data. There are also exist thousands of providers offering data analytics capabilities. However, very few CXOs are able to use the power of data for tangible improvement in performance. So where do we go wrong? Is the solution an art or science or both?

09:30- 09:55 | Keynote: Agflatiion: How to Keep Low in the New High
Speaker:JY Chow, Agrifood & Retail Sector Coverage Lead, Asia & Oceania at Mizuho Bank
Abstract:-Magnitude of agri commodity inflation
-Crescendo of uncertainties
-Commodity Risks Mitigation Solutions
-Opportunity for Disruptions to Thrive

09:55- 10:15 | Keynote: Aligning Performance with Purpose
Speaker:Jules Norton Selzer, Corporate Relations Director at Diageo Moët Hennessy Thailand
Abstract:-Why reputation and purpose matters more than ever - changing customer, stakeholder and investor expectations
-Purpose done well – and badly
-Practical advice for businesses on how to adapt

10:15- 10:40 | Vertical Farming - CEA , Urban farming
Speaker:Henry Gordon - Smith, Founder & CEO at Agritecture
Abstract:Agriculture faces a lot of challenges and Climate Change makes it even worse. Due to floods, desertification and extreme weather conditions that occur, we have to come up with new ways of producing food to tackle these challenges and Vertical Farming is one of these. Producing food locally in our cities can play a significant role where more people will inhabit in urban areas in the upcoming years. Vertical Farming is the process which produce more vegetables in less space, with less water usage and zero chemicals in Urban Areas.
-Challenges that agriculture faces-What is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), Vertical farming, and Urban farming-Advantages of Vertical farming (less space, less water usage, zero pesticides, higher yields)-Benefits to food safety, supply chain, reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions

10:40- 11:00 | Keynote: A Record-breaking Year for Agrifoodtech Investment Worldwide
Speaker:Jack Ellis, Media & Research Lead at AgFunder Deputy Editor at AFN
Abstract:Agrifoodtech startups secured a record-breaking $52 billion in funding during 2021 - almost double the total raised the previous year. In this session, Jack will share insights from the latest edition of AgFunder's highly anticipated annual Agrifoodtech Investment Report and explore:
- Why VCs and other investors are putting more and more money into agtech and foodtech- Which sectors are attracting the most investment- How agtech and foodtech can contribute towards a climate-resilient future

11:00- 11:25 | Keynote: Agri Tech Trends in Asia
Speaker:Prof Matthew Tan, Chief Executive Officer – Asia Assentoft Aqua Asia

11:25- 11:50 | Keynote: Indoor Farming in South East Asia - Landscape and Opportunities
Speaker:Shawn Ng, Co-Founder- Future Farms
Abstract:Key Discussions:
1. Indoor Farming and What the Technology Entails2. Technological Maturity, Limitations and Possibilities3. Best Use Cases for the Technology4. The Malaysian Market and It's Needs5. Indoor Farming in SEA - Utility & Growth

14:00- 14:30 | Keynote: What's Eating Your Margins? How to Eliminate Hidden Costs that Are Shrinking Your Profits?
Speaker:Sridharan Arumugam, Vice President at SYSPRO AsiaJakes Mantle, Sales Excellence Executive at SYSPRO Corporate
Abstract:With rising inventory costs, supply chain bottlenecks, and food safety regulations, sustaining profitable growth has never been more critical to your manufacturing and distribution business.

14:30- 15:10 | Panel: How Does the Best Supply Chain Look Like in Food & Drink Industry 2022?
Moderator:Sarot Kunnawoottiphorn, Asia Supply Chain Development Lead at Mars
Panelists:Yemima Aprilia, VP Supply Chain at WahyooDamrong Darasakd, Operation Director, Food Project SiamMarietta Feliciano, Manufacturing Director at Friesland Campina
Abstract:Food & drink market demand has changed very quickly. In 2022, most food & drinks company are navigating to be successful in 2 sides 1) traditional, pre-pandemic demand 2) new normal, post-pandemic demand. It is interesting to bring out diverse supply chain perspective from upstream (food & drinks ingredients supplier) to downstream (finished goods - closer to consumers). Discuss about the key discussion points below:1. What is the current supply chain challenges? What is the changes you face in 2022 supply chain & future trends?2. How do you navigate to improve your supply chain capability?3. What is the best in class supply chain look like in your business?4. What will be your key priorities, investments, focus to deliver by 2022- 2023?

15:10- 15:35 | Topic: Journey to Net Zero
Speaker:Indranil Sen, Director - Global Operations at Accenture
Abstract:Discussion Points:1. What is "Net Zero" or Carbon neutrality?2. What are the steps in the journey to net zero?3. What are circular supply chains?4. How does one go about performance management in sustainability?5. A few case studies to illustrate the journey

15:35- 16:05 | Keynote: Packaging Trends, Sustainable Labels, and Digital Solutions forFood and Beverage Market
Speakers:Kejin Zhang, Segment Manager, ASEAN at Avery DennisonKelvin Tan, Senior Business Development Manager, RFID at Avery Dennison
Abstract:The food and beverage landscape in the labeling and packaging industry in ASEAN has significantly evolved in the last decade or so. The need of consumers which includes safe consumption, convenience, sustainable packaging, personalization and many more, has pushed industries forward to be more innovative, offering the best possible packaging solution to the market. Avery Dennison, is a global materials science company that specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. Today, they will highlight some of the key trends in Food and Beverage and bring forward various pressure-sensitive labeling solutions from sustainable packaging to various innovative solutions supporting the functional needs to create product digitization and authentication throughout its supply chain.

16:05- 16:30 | Keynote: Sustainable Packaging: from a Global Perspective
Speakers:Nerida Kelton, Vice President, Sustainability & Save Food Packaging at World Packaging Organisation (WPO)

Draft Agenda - Day 02 as of May 18 (Singapore Time)

09:50- 10:20 | Keynote: It's Got to be Functional to be a Beverage ?
Speaker:Simon Hague, Director, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa & Functional Beverage at Kerry Group
Abstract:As consumers are becoming more demanding in their wants and needs the products of yesterday need to be re-framed, re-developed and re-invigorated for the consumers of tomorrow and making them functional is one way to meet the new demands of your target market

10:20- 10:50 | Keynote: Innovating with Purpose and Pace
Speaker:Krishna Mohan Suri, Chief R&D Officer at Universal Robina Corporation
Abstract:Stronger coupling of Innovation with Organisation's Purpose can be a more liberating experience - driving high quality of ideation, willingness to experiment, and ability to fail-fast to win-faster! Consumer centricity in everything we do, is helping speed up product designs and pivoting when needed. This talk covers two case studies where the cross functional Innovation teams made deliberate choices for Purpose and Pace - to drive overall growth for the brand.

10:50- 11:15 | Keynote: The Halal Opportunity in the World
Speaker: Ronnie Faizal Tan, General Manager at REZK connects
Abstract:1. What is the World Demand?2. How big is the Halal Market?3. What are the Challenges in Supply?4. Certification requirement?

11:15- 12:00 | Panel: Market Updates on Alternative Protein
Moderator:Darren Leong, Associate at Vis Vires New Protein
Panelist: Gautam Godhwani, Managing Partner at Good Startup Kelvin Ng, Senior Adviser at Green Bridge PartnersAaron Chua, CEO at FisherooChristopher McCallum, Chief Operating and Finance Officer at Fable Food

12:00- 12:25 | Keynote: Use of AI in F&B Research and Innovation
Speaker: Dr. Saurabh Katiyar, Deputy Director - Research and Development at CP Group
Abstract:A Brief introduction on in on new developments on use of Artificial Intelligence and Advance Technologies at the interphase of food science and engineering and food chemistry and biochemistry, food microbiology, material science, nutrition , Food characterization, Food Biotechnology, Food Process Design and Engineering etc.

12:25- 12:45 | Keynote: Annual Investment Trends in Agrifoodtech
Speaker: John Friedman, Executive Director at AgFunder Asia & GROW Accelerator
Abstract:Venture capital investment into the global Agtech and Foodtech sectors hit a record $51.7 billion in 2021, an increase of 85% from the year earlier. In this presentation, John Friedman - Executive Director of AgFunder Asia and GROW Accelerator - will present key takeaways from AgFunder's annual investment report, providing insight into areas of interest and investment trends across the sector.

14:00- 14:30 | Keynote: Eating Our Way to A Better Future
Speaker:Jason Chow, Corporate Accounts Regional Head, Food & Beverage Ap Multi-Market & Country Manager, Malaysia at Ecolab
Abstract:Jason will elaborate on Why food safety can help companies meet their overall sustainability ambitions.

14:30- 15:00 | Keynote: Rising through the Challenges in Food Safety at the time of Pandemic
Ferdinand Padilla, Technical Services & Food Safety Manager at Universal Robina Corporation
Abstract:Discussion on the major challenges to food safety in food and beverage manufacturing, and the key strategies to emerge in the new normal.

15:00- 15:20 | Keynote: The Importance of Ingredient Claims in Asia 2022
Speakers:Will Cowling, Marketing Manager at FMCG Gurus
Abstract:Ingredient-led claims have become increasingly influential on consumer purchasing habits over the past couple of years. This is due to consumers becoming more proactive as they actively look to adopt a holistic health approach to wellness. Consumers are also becoming more educated about new ingredients and the benefits they may possess, leading to an increased demand for new ingredient innovations. This presentation will explore the ingredients and claims which are important to consumers across a number of different food and beverage categories.

15:20- 15:45 | Keynote: How Authenticity Can Add Value to Your Brand?
Speaker:Mark Bain, Creative Director at Pizza 4P's
Abstract:Mark will discuss 2 special projects launched in 2020 and 2021 which went beyond product promotion and awareness, but instead focused on communicating our deeper mission and vision.

15:45- 16:30 | Panel: Marketing amidst Digital Transformation Age: how to maintain value to your customers?
Moderator:Parth Patel, Experienced Sales & Marketing Leader at Ex- J&J, DuPont, Kerry
Panelist:Mukesh Patnaik, General Manager Marketing - B2C Foods at Olam Lluis Ferre Nadal, Head of International Business at Boonrawd BreweryRaushida Vasaiwala, General Manager, APAC at Celtra

Draft Agenda - Day 03 as of May 18 (Singapore Time)

09:25- 09:50 | Keynote: Connected Action for Future Food Solution: A closer look into nutrition-sensitive and sustainable local farming
Speaker:Imelda Angeles - Agdeppa, Director IV and Scientist II at Food and Nutrition Research Institute
Abstract:Globalization has changed our ways of producing food. Considering the rise of the world population to an estimated 10 billion people by 2050, we need to produce more using fewer resources to meet society’s food supply needs in the present without compromising the needs of future generations.
This will require restructuring of the Food System. From industry-driven food production, there is considerable attention on promoting locally grown food. Shall we revert to local farms for food? Is local foods key to feeding the future?
This presentation will attempt to unfold the meaning of sustainability of the food system at the local level and its impact on livelihood and interaction among community members, as well as the recognition of how local food production, by becoming nutrition-sensitive, can become a pathway to improved health and nutrition outcomes for the benefit of the people of all ages at present and in the next generations to come.

09:50- 10:15 | Keynote: Alternative Proteins and Future Food Trends in the Philippines
Speaker:Stephen Co, Co Founder & CEO at WTH Foods

10:15- 10:40 | Keynote: Key Market Trends in Indonesia
Speaker: Fellicia Kristianti, Insights & Innovation Analyst at Innova Market Insights
Abstract:Trends are emerging and evolving, driving continues innovation in food and beverages industries. Many factors like pandemic can somehow impact how, what, where and why consumers eat and drink. In this session, we are going to focus on key trends that shapes current Indonesian market.

10:40- 11:20 | Panel: The Rise of Local Farming / Farming 2.0 - Feeding The Hungry with a Sustainable Approach
Moderator: Tassa Agustriana, Founder at Thrive Food Consulting
Panelists: Ramadani Prasetya, Chief Operating Officer at Island OrganicsFitrian Ardiansyah, Global Envoy for Nature-based Solutions and Country Director for Indonesia and Malaysia at IDH The Sustainable Trade InitiativeInsan Syafaat, Executive Director at Partnership for Indonesia's Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro)
Abstract:With the increasing demand for more wholesome organic food, the rise of local/small-scale farming that adopts sustainability farming practices in Indonesia also has raised. The past 24 months of the Pandemic that has been giving a significant impact on the logistic and supply chain system in the food industry caused limitation in access or supply of various food commodities, especially fresh produce. People that lost their jobs and main income moved back to their home village in purpose to save living expenses, in addition, they start to grow their own food to provide for the whole family yet then grown to also covered ...
Keypoints :- local farming - the background factor, why? is it a business opportunity? increasing demand? individual awareness? - challenges in farming practice? supply challenges and dive into the market that is ""not yet"" ready with the price gap (in comparison with fresh produce came from conventional farming practice) - opportunity due to Pandemic? exploring sales and market opportunity via e-commerce?- How about practice on sustainable livestock and poultry and fisheries? The market size and the opportunity in the future?"

11:20- 11:40 | Keynote: Food Safety Criteria for Registration Based on Regulations of the Indonesia FDA
Speaker: Irene K. Djalim, Manager, Regulatory Affairs- Tilleke & Gibbins

11:40- 12:00 | Keynote: A Look At Food Regulations In Vietnam
Speaker:Hien Thi Thu Vu, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Manager of Legal Division of Patent Department- Tilleke & Gibbins
Discussion Points:- Food declaration requirements;- Food labelling requirements;- Requirements for foods with new ingredients.



Irene Djalim

Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Tilleke & Gibbins


Fellicia Kristianti

Insights & Innovation Analyst

Innova Market Insights


Ronnie Faizal Tan

General Manager

Rekz Connects


Will Cowling

Marketing Manager

FMCG Gurus


Jason Chow

Corporate Accounts Regional Head, Food & Beverage Ap Multi-Market; Country Manager, Malaysia



Kejin Zhang

Segment Manager, ASEAN

Avery Dennison


Mark Bain

Creative Director

Pizza 4P's


Hien Thi Thu Vu

Head of Regulatory Affairs and Manager of Legal Division of Patent Department

Tilleke & Gibbins


Sridharan Arumugam

Vice President, SYSPRO Asia



Dr. Saurabh Katiyar

Deputy Director - Research and Development

CP Group


Sarot Kunnawoottiphorn

Asia Supply Chain Development Lead

Mars Petcare


Kelvin Tan

Senior Business Development Manager, RFID

Avery Dennison


Matthew Tan

Chief Executive Officer – Asia

Assentoft Aqua Asia


Stephen Co

Co Founder & CEO

WTH Foods


John Friedman

Executive Director

AgFunder Asia & GROW Accelerator


Krishna Mohan Suri

Chief R&D Officer

Universal Robina Corp


Shawn Ng


Future Farms


Simon Hague

Director, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa & Functional Beverage

Kerry Group


Kelvin Ng

Senior Adviser

Green Bridge Partners


Parth Patel

Experienced Sales & Marketing Leade

Ex- J&J, DuPont, Kerry


Ivan Lu

Managing Director

Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia & Singapore


Jules Norton Selzer

Corporate Relations Director

Diageo Moët Hennessy Thailand


Henry Gordon - Smith

Founder & CEO



Aaron Chua




Gautam Godhwani

Managing Partner

Good Startup


JY Chow

Agrifood & Retail Sector Coverage Lead, Asia & Oceania

Mizuho Bank


Mukesh Patnaik

General Manager Marketing - B2C Foods

Olam Group


Raushida Vasaiwala

General Manager, APAC

Celtra, Inc


Lluis Nadal

Head of International Business

Boonrawd Brewery


Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa

Director IV and Scientist II

Food and Nutrition Research Institute


Insan Syafaat

Executive Director

Partnership for Indonesia's Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro)


Ramadani Prasetya

Chief Operating Officer

Island Organics


Darren Leong


Vis Vires New Protein


Fitrian Ardiansyah

Global Envoy for Nature-based Solutions and Country Director for Indonesia and Malaysia

IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative


Yemima Aprilia

VP Supply Chain



Jakes Mantle

Sales Excellence Executive

SYSPRO Corporate


Ferdinand Padilla

Technical Services & Food Safety Manager

Universal Robina Corporation


Christopher McCallum

Chief Operating and Finance Officer 

Fable Food


Damrong Darasakd

Operation Director

Food Project Siam


Marietta M. Feliciano

Manufacturing Director

Friesland Campina


Nerida Kelton

Vice President, Sustainability & Save Food Packaging

World Packaging Organisation (WPO)


Gaurang Kotak

Vice President SEA



Tassa Agustriana


Thrive Food Consulting


Indranil Sen

Director - Global Operations



Jack Ellis

Media & Research Lead at AgFunder Deputy Editor



Siddharth Pathak

Partner and Asia-Pacific Head of Consumer Industries


Event Platform


Association Partner


The Design Center of the Philippines

Previous Media Partners


Previous Knowledge Partners


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